Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

For the last couple of years, alcohol free hand sanitizer has become quite popular and is increasingly being used in many households. This is thanks to the high level of convenience that the sanitizer offers when it comes to killing bacteria and viruses especially when water and soap can not be accessed easily.

Purpose of alcohol free hand sanitizer

One of the few things learned during the early stages in life is the importance of washing our hands. It is paramount that hands are washed with water and soap in order to lift germs and dirt off the hands surface. At times when water and soap is unavailable for whichever reason, the next best alternative to consider using is alcohol free hand sanitizer. On contact, the hand sanitizers are able to kill and eliminate germs in an easy way. This helps minimize the chances of infections from diseases as a result of ingesting the germs into the body.

Ingredients in alcohol free hand sanitizer

Basically, alcohol free hand sanitizer comprises of the ethyl alcohol in its make up as well as inactive additives like water and other fragrances. The active ingredient is ethyl alcohol whose main role is killing germs when they come into contact with the sanitizer. For effective results, the sanitizer should have a concentration of not less than 90 percent as far as alcohol is concerned and the lows of 60 percent. Any alcohol free hand sanitizer that has an alcohol concentration of less than 60 percent will be of little use in killing the bacteria and using it is pointless. For this reason, you must first read the label carefully to ensure that you are buying something useful to you and not a sheer waste of your money.

How to use alcohol free hand sanitizer

Alcohol free hand sanitizer is usually placed on the hands and when doing this, you should ensure that you have enough sanitizer to get the job done. The way to ascertain that it is sufficient is when it does not dry fast and where it takes less than ten to fifteen seconds; you need to consider adding more sanitizer. The two hands should then be rubbed vigorously together and thoroughly rub your entire skin with the alcohol free hand sanitizer. This way, germs will be killed immediately and avoid infections.

Usage tips

It is essential you understand that the alcohol free hand sanitizer will not be able to get through your bodily fluids, blood, dirt as well as other grime as they kill the germs. For this reason, before you apply the sanitizer, ensure that you wipe these off or wash them with soap and water first. When you apply the sanitizer on your skin, you will experience the drying effect of the alcohol. After drying up, it is important that you apply your favorite skin lotion to freshen up. All in all, alcohol free hand sanitizer is highly effective in getting your skin properly sanitized and completely free of germs.

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