How To Evaluate Moving Companies

Today, Movers Greenville SC looks at Evaluating Moving Companies

If you’ve never had to relocate, or previously only relocated as a do-it-yourselfer, you may not know some of the more important characteristics of a good moving company. As much as it may be nice to go with the company with the largest or best-looking ad or the one with the first listing on the search engine results page, you will want to be more discriminatory than that.

Although price and availability will undoubtedly weigh into your decision-making process, there are other factors to consider. Courtesy is certainly one area to consider. If the front-line staff responding to your initial inquiry aren’t courteous, helpful and detailed then you can’t hold much hope for the actual laborers, can you? In fact, the front line staff is likely an indication of what you might expect after the sale, should you have any misadventures.

Another important area to note is how forthcoming the company is. Did they just give you a quote based on broad parameters? Or did they walk you through detailed levels of factors which can influence their price and availability? Did they provide you with other resources which might help you plan your move? How much did the company talk about their preventative measures?

One area they should have covered is moving blankets. Moving blankets are one tactic professional moving companies use to minimize their liability and protect their clients’ belongings. There are a variety of moving blankets and moving pads on the market, so it pays to ask some general questions about the quality of the materials the company you’re considering uses. How often do they wash them? Do they contain dyes which might stain or mar your furniture? Do they use the highest quality moving blankets, or just the simple filler material? Do they use moving bands to hold the blankets in place?

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